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By donating you will increase your merit of spirituality, health and business, and you may have the luck to meet a modern western yogi.

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Milarepa’s Buddhist Centre in Lightning Ridge, Australia of the Red Dragon Shaolin Kagyu Lineage. The founder and Vajra Master Mila White Tiger, teaches the Vajrayana Secret Mantra Meditations for the first time on the planet in easy English terminology, of Buddha Marpa and Milarepa’s practice path as well as Shaolin Kung Fu, Tai Chi, and Qi Gong.

Mila White Tiger trained in perfect Guru Yoga under his Teacher, The Purple Dragon. The Purple Dragon is one of the finest Shaolin Masters of this century.

Gen Lama, from The Gyuto Monks of Tibet, has recognised the resident teacher, Mila White Tiger, as a true incarnation of Milarepa, Laughing Vajra.

Mila has been in retreat for 25 years perfecting the esoteric transmission he received through the blessings of the Divine Gurus. For the last year Mila has opened the doors of knowledge and is teaching the Buddhadharma publicly. Milarepa’s Buddhist Centre needs the resources to establish an Initiation and Empowerment Training Hall for sentient beings of the local community, especially for the traditional landowners, and for students coming for retreats to benefit from these rare and enjoyable teachings.

Milarepa’s Buddhist Centre will display Tantric Pantomime’s. It will be the First Australian Centre to provide first class tantric methods as a performance and educational activity. a health and education centre where people can come for treatment, education and techniques to a healthy state of body and mind. Milarepa’s Buddhist Centre has a resident Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncturist and Herbalist. Feng Shui, Chinese Astrology is also available for business, home, and personal wellbeing. This service is specific to both the Southern and Northern Hemisphere.

Currently Milarepa’s Buddhist Centre has a structure with no power or water. No plumbing. Structurally the centre needs a lot of work. To get the foundations of the training hall established we are looking at a target of $10,000. With your help we can make this happen.

Milarepa’s Buddhist Centre is always open for people to come and benefit from these rare and amazing teachings.

If ever there was a good cause to support, this is definitely worthy of your consideration.

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